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Anchors, Pumps & Misc. Gear

1.  Primary anchor:  10-lb aluminum Spade Model-60 (2016). Stows nicely under the cockpit sole. It has never dragged.

2.  Spare anchor: 16-lb steel Bruce anchor is secured under-deck to the mooring bit post.

3.  Rode: 15-fathoms of 3/8" chain; 50 fathoms of 3/8" nylon line.

4.  Sea Anchor: 6 ft. diameter, heavy nylon. It came with Aldo, and we haven't used it.

5.  Tow line:  100' of 5/8" GoldLine.

6.  Whale gusher bilge pump, mounted at the aft end of the port cockpit locker.

7.  No electric bilge pump. Removed after failure.  Only about 4 Whale Gusher strokes needed per week.

8.  Boat hook, extensible aluminum.

9.  Mooring gear:  Two flat fenders, two buoy bags, two sausage fenders, tie up lines of all sorts.

10.  Horns: One blow-by-mouth (antique) & one air-can type.

11.  No flares. (Due for expiry replacement.)

12.  Throwable cushions (2).

13.  Slush bag. This custom-fitted, coated-nylon bag is for keeping fish cold, in a water/ice slurry. It is watertight, and fits the full length of starboard cockpit locker when the fuel and water jugs normally stowed there are removed.

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