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1.  Winter cover, by Skookum Canvasworks (mid-1990s). It is a complete enclosure stem to stern, and is well ventilated. It still has several years of life left. Skookum won an award for this cover, on our boat.

2.  Summer cover (2014). It has a removable zip-out aft panel with plastic window, and there are two plastic windows on each side, aligned with the cabin windows. Its light sandy color gives a warm aura on grey or rainy days. Sunbrella fabric.

3.  Cockpit cover (2005). This gets constant use in the harbor when the winter cover is off. It is showing its age, and still has a year or two left in it. It is a great cover & has good ventilation where is passes over the tiller.

4.  Forehatch cover (2017). Sunbrella fabric.

5.  Tiller cover (2005). It also covers the rudder stock. Sunbrella fabric.

6.  Mainsail cover (mid-1990s). Sunbrella fabric.

7.  Jib bag/cover (mid-1990s). Sunbrella fabric

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