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A heavy-duty Innova Helios-II 2-seat inflatable kayak (2009) is included with Aldo, the new model shown above. There are a rudder, two footstep air pumps, and a repair kit. (Note we are keeping the paddles). 

The kayak is stable and made of very tough, abrasion-resistant material (similar to hypalon). It fits in a 20x14x9" backpack. When packed up we normally stow it in the foreship, either on-edge to one side or flat in front of the mast.  An alternation location is the cabin top. 

We inflate and deflate the kayak skewed across the foredeck as shown here, between the mast on one side and the forestay and a shroud on the other. This is quick and easy.  (Note that our older-model Helios is shown here,  since replaced with the new kind shown at the top.)

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